Assessing and developing talent today is as much about behaviours, values and attitudes, as it skills and qualifications. Working with Nexus Konexus, our services available individually or through packages and retainers, enabling you to select precisely what you need as your organisation grows.

Assess & Develop Talent

Increasingly, organisations are realising that by developing talent through structured programmes they obtain the best performance.

Our approach is rooted deep in science, psychology and coaching; delivering interventions to help both organisations and people learn, change and grow in both a professional and personal capacity. By growing and retaining your talent, defining what a future star looks like and developing people to build or harness their career paths has a true effect on business performance and revenue.  The major reason employees leave their jobs is because of managerial relationships and lack of opportunity (Gallup). Research suggests that by offering personal and professional development it would keep 86% of top talent from leaving their current position.

So, whether you are looking for bespoke programmes, off the shelf assessments, (psychometrics) or structured Assessment or Development centres Nexus Konexus can help. We are a leading provider of all Ability, Personality, Situational Judgement, Cultural and Engagement tools from SHL, Hogan, OPQ, MBTI, Saville, A&DC and many more.

Strategic Talent Acquisition

Sadly all to often recruiting becomes a reactive process, focusing on an active markets and live opportunities via adverts. An organisations focus should be on building talent pools and nurturing these candidates, building relationships and focusing on your value proposition longer term. To achieve this, there must be a shift from ‘hiring’ and ‘recruitment’ to one of ‘strategic talent acquisition’.

Strategic talent acquisition goes above and beyond filling a live position. It is the planned approach to identifying, attracting, hiring and on-boarding the best talent, resulting in a better talent retention rate, reduced cost per hire and increasing the quality of hires, ensuring alignment between people, teams and company. 

Furthermore, when it comes to recruiting top talent we provide individual insights to ensure potential applicants possess not only the skills and experience, but the values, behaviours and traits your organisation requires to gain competitive advantage. This allows you to harness important information about an employee’s potential and how to get the most out of them.

Organisational Development

A business plan may change, a brand may re-shape, it may expand with a fast period of growth or slim down to refocus on core elements. Workplace change requires flexibility and adaptability in order to unlock performance. And that means looking clearly at your quality people and how their support can be harnessed through business strategies.

Therefore, how an organisation develops and implements strategies means they must gain full involvement and engagement from their people and processes.  This can be achieved through either Organisational Development; communication, process change and/or software…even employee behavioural patterns assist business modifications.  Following this, a large factor for a successful organisation is its culture, which strongly links with performance.  And  culture can be changed by understanding norms, expectations and behaviour.  In a new global and digital market a successful organisation must adapt, evolve and change according to their external environment. We help you hire, develop and build strong foundations for success.

Winning Talent

We focus on developing and harnessing talent in your business, changing behaviours and even helping select/interview  for your business. Take a moment to read our recent Testimonials and see how we have assisted other companies to achieve success through their people.